There is a lot of variety in the market when it comes to mattresses however there are some that one of best and we will discuss the top mattress reviews to help you decide which one is the right one for you!

  1. Tempur-Pedic Cloud Mattress

This mattress is said to adapt as per your body’s position shape, size and temperature to ensure maximum comfort to the sleeper. It helps minimize pressure points which do not let a person sleep and helps prevent discomfort during the night. The mattress reduced motion transfer meaning that if the person sleeping beside you moves/changes positions, you will not be disturbed or will the bed sink in from one side. Once you lie down on the mattress it slowly starts adjusting as per your body to ensure that it supports your back, hip, shoulders etcetera.

  • Birch Natural Mattress

This mattress can also be found in the top mattress reviews as people have liked it very much. It is said to have the best price for an organic mattress and is environment friendly. It stays cool all night and therefore keeps the body cool too. The mattress comes with a cotton cover that makes it breathable and at a good temperature the entire time a person is sleeping. The materials used in this mattress ensure pressure relief and helps a person relax once they lie down. There are no harsh chemicals used or anything else that could cause any harm to the person sleeping on it. The company provides free shipping and 100 night sleep trial which gives the buyer time to decide whether the mattress is as per their preference and requirements or not. It also had a 25 year warranty, is handmade in the US and is non-toxic.

  • Saatva Classic Mattress

This mattress is durable, comfortable and handcrafted. This one is a hybrid mattress which means that it made of innerspring and coil which ensures durability and support with environment friendly foams. The mattress helps support back, hip, shoulders and ensure that you have a good and uninterrupted sleep. It also ensures spine alignment with its Lumbar Zone support technology and has been approved by top chiropractors in the US. The company provides a 180 night sleep trial to help the customer decide whether it is the right mattress for them or not and also provides a 15 year warranty.


The best mattress always comes down to the needs of the customer. If someone suffers from pain due to not using the right mattress then there is a wide variety of pain reliving mattresses available in the market.

The sleep trial nights are for given for the purpose of making sure that the customer uses the mattresses and gets an idea whether it is the right one for them or whether they should change it. One can always look through the top mattress reviews to decide which one to buy.