Once in every seven years you should replace your old mattress. Worn out mattresses are not suitable for your body. Mattresses are responsible for your improper body posture. Sleeping on a bumpy mattress can lead to a hunched back. If you have a low budget, then you can consider buying a spring mattress. What are spring mattresses? These are the mattresses that have coiled springs in them. The coiled springs support your body. Wires are used to make the coil. These coils are placed in vertical pattern. The most common and popular spring mattress is open spring mattress. Open coiled spring mattress is a cheap mattress and most suitable for people who live alone or a single bed mattress. These mattresses are not suitable for couples or two people; this is because these mattresses don’t provide support to all parts of your body. The other are pocket spring mattresses. These mattresses are expensive than open spring mattresses.

There are around 5 to 6 pocket spaces that will give support to your body parts like back and hip. If you want to buy a spring mattresses, it is better to buy a pocket spring mattress. Next are the foam mattresses. These are usually of two types. Latex foam mattresses are readily available in market and they are made by tapping the rubber tree. Many people prefer buying a latex foam mattress for their kids. Memory foam mattresses are other popular foam mattresses. These mattresses conform to the shape of your body. If you are not getting a good sleep on your other mattresses, you should definitely try a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are very durable and the quality of mattress is superior. Water bed mattresses have water in them. The water supports the body of the person. If you have any allergies, then this mattress is perfect for you. The best part about these mattresses is that they come with water warmer. You can adjust the temperature of the mattress according to your choice and weather. They are also readily available in every offline store and also online. You can get the best water bed mattress at affordable prices at https://www.savvysleeper.org/best-memory-foam-mattress/. Online you will have more varieties as compared to offline stores. Futon mattresses are very popular in Europe.

 Originally made in Asia, futon mattresses are perfect for youngsters with tight pocket. They are made from multiple cotton layers. These mattresses can be used as sofa as well as a bed. You can use them in drawing room, and open them when guests come over or your friend plans to crash at your place. Adjustable beds are used in hospitals. They are still quite expensive. These mattresses can be raised and lowered according to your need. They are easy and comfortable to sleep in. The next time you want to buy mattresses, you should definitely try an adjusted bed. It will be life changing; you will finally have a sound sleep.